Financial Account Associate

Basic responsibilities:

• Up-to-date management of customer and supplier analytics (mostly foreign)

• Business correspondence with foreign partners on daily basis

• Realization of domestic and foreign payment transactions (e-banking) and recording bank statements

• Creating and posting outgoing financial documents

• Formal, accounting and VAT control and recording of incoming invoices (foreign and domestic)

• Creating internal and reports for external users (banks, statistics, insurance)

• Participation in the preparation of financial statements and audit process


• Faculty of Economics

• Mandatory experience of 2 years on the same or similar jobs (with emphasis on foreign services)

• Knowledge of legal regulations

• Work experience in Pantheon software solution of at least 2 years

• Knowledge of English (business correspondence)

• Excellent knowledge of MS Office


• High level of analytics, timeliness and commitment

• Independence in performing of business tasks

• Willingness for acquire new knowledge

We offer you:

• Continuous training and improvement

• Opportunity for advancement

• Work in a collegial, professional and dynamic environment